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Finding the End of the Line

May 3, 2013   

This week is almost done—just one more day separates me from the sunny weekend.  These next few days will be my last moments of ease before the stress of final projects, papers and exams begins to mount.  I plan to spend most of my time outside, enjoying the warm breezes and seventy degree weather while my thoughts drift to the fast-encroaching summer.  It strikes me that the year is almost over, that Hamilton’s last full week of classes starts on Monday.

I cannot say where the time went, but Hamilton is facing down the end of the year.  Martin’s Way is lined with sunbathers and loungers.  The student body faces finals in just a handful of days, but we cannot help taking a little time to do nothing in the sun.  We all feel the last day of classes, the unbridled freedom of the summertime, fast approaching.

I have already begun a lengthy list of “lasts.”  Today was the last track practice of the year; the team marked the occasion by reviewing the highs, lows and interesting points of our respective seasons.  We paid special attention to the senior running with us, Sam Dupuis ’13.  He said that the highlight of his year was “adopting” all the first-years, getting to know us and offering training advice over miles and miles of distance runs and interval workouts. 

We will sorely miss Dupuis’ guiding presence on the team next year....  Of course, he is not quite done with track just yet.  The team will be competing at the New York State Collegiate Track Conference championship meet today and Saturday; Dupuis is poised to run a very competitive 5k race.  We will all be rooting for him, for a powerful showing in his last collegiate race.

I too hope for a powerful showing at the end of the year.  I want to race well; I want to start my finals early; I want to earn my grades.  But then, I want to relax for a few weeks.