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We're bound to win soon...right?

January 31, 2009   “How many presidents have had last names with only four letters?”
“What was the famed Venus de Milo originally holding in her hand?”
“What artist has been nominated for eight Grammy Awards this year?”

These are just a few of the questions posed at Trivia Night…a weekly gathering of the minds that attracts students from all over campus. When my friend asked me to join their trivia team one night, I’ll admit I was a bit reluctant. Isn’t trivia kinda like Bingo…old people do that right? I mean come on…I’m a college student! When I got to the pub to wait for a table, I was surprised to see people huddled together and lined up outside (in below freezing weather no less). So this trivia thing is a bit more popular than I originally thought…but I still wasn’t completely sold.

When they finally let us inside, our group found a sofa close to the fireplace and we started preparing for two hours of trivia madness. There had to have been at least 100 students there (I kid you not) and they all had their game faces on. I found the whole thing rather comical at first. When the question was read, you could hear people from all over the room saying “SHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” and getting visibly annoyed by those (like me) who weren’t taking the whole thing too seriously. After a few questions, however, our team found its stride and things were actually looking promising. I found myself getting pretty intense about the whole thing. By the time the evening had come to a close, our team had scored enough points to keep us from being in last. Although we hadn’t quite won, I resolved to do it again next week. Trivia Night is now as much a part of my Tuesday nights as LOST is to my Wednesday.

By the Way: The answers to the above questions are five presidents, an apple, and Lil Wayne.