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April 25, 2012   

This past Sunday a group of my friends and I went off campus to a local grill called Zebb's. Pretty much everyone had a rough Saturday night and all anyone wanted was to get off campus and chill with our girlfriends for a bit.

I knew about Zebb's before I came to Hamilton; as a senior in high school I came to the Hill to spend a night with my cousin Brad ('10) so I could see what campus life was really like. There was lots of excitement as it was the weekend of Humans versus Zombies, and Brad's physics major roommate spent all day inside taking apart his Nerf gun to make it more powerful. Not sure how much progress he made, but Brad enjoyed taking away all of his darts slowly and methodically and then placing the blame on his other roommate. Caswells play dirty. Later that night everyone in his room went out to Zebb's for dinner (after watching Man v Food to motivate ourselves for a good meal). I remember playing trivial pursuit at the table (they leave out a few old cards at every table) and having the most delicious milkshake ever. 

I've gone to Zebb's a few times while at Hamilton, even converting one of my roommate's Dad into a fan last year. Their burgers are great, but I've recently become a huge fan of their spinach dip. technically it's an appetizer, but I eat it as a meal. No judgment. And naturally, I had an Oreo milkshake. Phenomenal.

Nine of us squeezed into a booth..a mix of lax, soccer, crew, and squash girls. Most of us lived near or with each other in Dunham last year and are all still really close. These are my homegirls. It was nice to get out after a long day of studying and working (and for some of us after a rough loss to Trinity the day before), and just chill. We had the strangest dinner conversations, but we laughed and had a great time. 

Then it was time to head back to the grind. Which for me meant two hours of rehearsals for classes.

Thanks for the break, Zebb's!