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End of the year Blues

May 5, 2012   

This week I had my very last HEAT practice and it was so sad because it means that the year is almost over : ( Which can’t be true because it seems like just yesterday that first semester had just begun.

Anyway, we all got together for the final time and ate fancy food (i.e. cheese and crackers, cookies, and chips and salsa) and had “Paper Plate Awards” for every member of the group and it was so much fun.

Side note: For those of you who don’t know, Paper Plate Awards occur, usually at the end of the year, and people present decorated paper plates with a generally funny and clever award like "Little Miss Sunshine"  for always be really positive or something like that. I got the "Best Stank Face" award because of the faces I sometimes make when I dance…

Anyway, I was mainly sad because there would be no more practices for the next week that we have left on campus. HEAT was one of the best decisions I made this school year and it's almost sad thinking that it's over until next fall.