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Mmm, Tonsillitis

March 7, 2007   I have a long history of bad things happening to me over spring break.  Maybe it's because Hamilton's break is two weeks as opposed to the traditional one that most colleges give you, which is awesome but also gives me twice the amount of time in which bad things can happen... I don't know.  But freshman year I went permanently blind in the center of my left eye, and junior year I got the flu on St. Patrick's Day and then went outside to my car and noticed that my side view mirror was completely gone (yes, I may have parked it on the street... in Boston... on St. Patrick's Day... so part of that MAY have been my fault).  This year may seem like I'm about to go through another sub-par experience, but not really.  I've had tonsillitis for the past month, possibly longer, and I had strep over winter break (don't worry; I'm not contagious).  I've still competed in track and gone to most of my classes -- except for the really bad night where my friends Jenny and Cassie took me to the ER because I literally couldn't breathe past my mammoth tonsils -- but it's seriously time to get rid of these things.  I mean, what do they do for you anyway?  I'll tell you what they do:  NOTHING.  They sit there being huge and disgusting and making me snore "like a 500 pound man" (-- source:  Rachel Bennek, who had the misfortune of being my roommate on track overnights).  So I'm really excited, perhaps in a morbid and masochistic way, to have these things that have been such an annoyance literally taken out so I don't have to deal with them anymore.

It's going to be a glorious week of ice cream, painkillers, and video games.  Sure, some of you may be saying, "Uh, I'd rather be on the beach cavorting in a sea of coeds," but I have two things to say to you people:  1.,  you're not as blindingly white as I am, and I avoid the beach like the plague.  And 2., you haven't experienced the tonsil-related joys that I have over the past few months, and the thought of never having to experience them again is elating.  A week of total laziness and non-responsibility will also do wonders for my legs, which are beginning to feel as though stress fractures are in the near future.  Mom, I apologize in advance for the number of ice cream runs you'll be making.  In fact, you might want to stock up now:  I want the soy green tea stuff.  You know the one.  And then when I get back from break, everything hits the fan:  finishing my thesis, finishing my classes, finishing track... GRADUATING... oh man.  A nice "vacation" will be good.