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Good Old Fashioned April Fools

April 8, 2008   One delightful joke was pulled by the ever-devious streaking team. As per usual, I heard them coming from a mile away. A burst of colorful squeals and squawks; horns, trumpets, and drums, drums in the deep poured into my ears and then from around the corner charges a fully clothed, still-masked streaking team, sprinting with the same desperate plea for anonymity as always.
Another joke, with somewhat more malicious intentions, was a semi-official looking letter placed in the mail boxes of what appeared to be mostly freshmen. As a senior, I did not receive said letter, but through the brush fire of juicy gossip at Hamilton I heard that the letter came from the fictional "Office of Alternative Discipline" detailing a punishment for underage alcohol consumption. The letter suggests that the office decided to wave the normal procedure of awarding disciplinary "points" and rather decided to ban the student from attending Aretha Franklin's highly anticipated concert. Riddled with editing mistakes, false dates and times, and far too much biographical information on Aretha, the letter concludes with contact information for questions and concerns. Rumor says the number listed connected the student directly to Colgate Admissions, but only the most gullible now know.

Since no one has taken credit for this second prank, I can't offer applause. However, I hope in the coming years, Hamilton students and staff will take a more participatory role in one of our nation's most cherished celebrations.