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The One Where the Curtains Go Up

November 10, 2012   

Hey Journal Buddies

So no one loves getting dolled up more than yours truly. My morning routine outshines all three of my female roommates’, which officially makes spending embarrassing (and I mean EMBAAAAAARAAASSSSSSING) stretches of time getting ready in the morning a hobby of sorts *OCD bells ringing*. That is except Saturday and Sunday, when that creed is tossed into thin air, and every possible second of sleep is spent sleeping. And once I actually do wake up, a pair of sweats and a hoodie is just about all I can manage to pull out and don for brunch at Commons.

And yet here I am, sitting in a classroom in Kirner-Johnson at 10AM on a Saturday morning today, not just dutifully showered and socially-appropriately dressed, but with around 20 other people, all wearing all black, decked in what can only be illegal amounts of mascara and eye shadow. And I’m still not complaining.

This is the second weekend of filming for the House of Brockmann production, “A Leurs Yeux”, which you might remember from my journals a few weeks ago. Well, it’s going awesome as ever! I’m not at liberty to give away too much, but between crashing commons brunch around 1 PM last Saturday in costume and make-up just to freak people out, to karaoke-ing in the classroom waiting to be called on to film short scenes, Brockmann’s in full swing. So, just to get you all pumped up, check out the cast photo, and get excited! “A Leurs Yeux”, the biggest, greatest, awesomest Brockmann spectacle is coming to town, and you’re all invited!