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Full Circle

November 20, 2012   

It is funny how, sometimes in life, things come full circle.

When I sat across from my Hamilton senior interviewer, I did not know she would have such an influential impact on my college choice. I thought this would be another mundane interview where I would establish that I was a normal human being. However, because she was a government major, we discussed current events in politics, our personal most influential political person and other questions atypical from my other college interviews.

After the interview, I felt so comfortable in the office. That oak desk that stretched for miles and distanced my interviewer no longer seemed so intimidating. For my overnight, they made sure that all my arrangements were prepared, that I had my meal cards, and an idea of where my classes were.
It just felt right to be on campus — the smiling faces, the easy going atmosphere, a serious and genuine interest in academics and of course, delicious food - hahaha.

A few days ago, I found out I will be a senior interviewer for the 2013-2014 year. For me, it’s really scary to think about this because to be a senior interviewer naturally means that I WILL BE A SENIOR. What happened to the three years from when I first arrived on campus?!

As I continue to make the best of my junior year, I look forward to meeting the new faces and personalities of perspective students, helping them feel welcome and trying to make the best of their experience while on the hill!