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Spring Forward

April 8, 2008   As I explained in a previous blog post, team DeltaForce won our fall season of IM Softball. With a title to defend and our name on everyone's target list, it's time to get serious about the spring season.

Virtually everyone is returning, except for a few '09s who are abroad this term, so we should be in good shape going into the season. Captain John Pew is still at the reins, and still our starting pitcher. We have gold-glovers at short (Reid Snyder) and left field (Andrew Small), and plenty of power in the middle of our line-up. A few around the league and in the press are snickering that we defending champions are perhaps a little slow, eliminating our small-ball game that we built our great season around in the fall. But I'm confident our big bats, coupled with unmatched fundamental abilities and softball know-how, will give us a good shot at defending the t-shirt.

IM soccer is also starting back up. I forgot my cleats at home (of course), so I'll need to make do until I can coax my parents into sending them (please, guys??). We lost a few more people from the team, and last season was a little disappointing overall, so we hope to make strides here. Hopefully the warm weather and long days will provide a little added incentive to get out there and practice.

Other than that, it's study, study, study. Very busy end of the school year, but I'll keep my head down and make it out alive. My exam week will be relatively lax, so assuming I make it to then, I'll have a little time to hang around, soak up some sun, and maybe even stay a little into Senior Week to say goodbye to so many good friends I've made here. I'll be sad to see the class above me go... they've taught me so much.

One last note: My band Filligar just got a nice review last week for "The City Tree," our latest album, from a top American pop music critic, Jim DeRogatis of the Chicago Sun Times and co-host of a nationally syndicated rock music talk radio show called Sound Opinions.  He was also an editor at Rolling Stone. He compared us favorably to Belle & Sebastian and Vampire Weekend.

Here it is:  http://www.suntimes.com/entertainment/derogatis/867933,SHO-Sunday-derodemo30.article

Viva la spring!