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In the Spirit of Thanksgiving

November 26, 2009    The warm and generally pleasant weather this Fall. For speculation’s sake, it is a little eerie as well, I mean it’s almost December and we haven’t had any snow! Note to the weather gods, this is NOT a complaint.

Waves and whoever invented Surfing. Hey, it was the Hawaiians! Mad props to my people for that one.

The creators of Rock Band and Guitar Hero. While we’re on video games, much thanks also to the masterminds behind Legend of Zelda (particularly Ocarina of Time, though Twilight Princess was, in my opinion, also a worthy installment), and we should probably give a shout out to the creators of Super Mario World (the Super Nintendo version with the duck shooting game). Video games in general are a pretty awesome invention.

Internet. Need I say more? Which brings me to…

. The pretty computers and toys, neat functions, cool apps…and the fruit!

Video chat, mostly because it is adorably amusing how amazed my grandmother gets when she sees someone’s head on a computer screen talking to me.

Shall we just throw in technology?

Ancestors of mine for settling in Hawai’i...really great choice, far too many reasons to name.  I'll just say: Of course it’s wonderful to live in “paradise,” but the true value lies in the culture and lifestyle, dear to my heart and like nowhere else on earth.  Also, the beach, ultimate soother of my soul. That reminds me of another special place I am thankful for…

New York City baby! Clearly, I couldn’t leave this out.

Invention of the text message. I know, I know, the parents and grandparents roll their eyes, but really it is extraordinarily convenient, and you can’t argue with that one.

Great T.V. shows because they are so entertaining and engaging. Obsessive addiction to a good series is one of the more beautiful things in life. 

Music. Music concerts, instruments, getting lost in a sea of sound…not to mention the accessibility of music nowadays. You can find anything.

The plethora of scientists, thinkers, writers, and inventors of the past that have provided the information, speculation and perspective now available for us to build upon and utilize. All those that helped pave the way to a better and more complete understanding of the universe and our existence in it.  Similarly, the influential individuals who were willing to think for themselves and were courageous enough to pursue the changing of prevalent thought in their time. They have allowed me to live in a fairer, more accessible world and enjoy freedoms unfathomable in the past.

Tom C. for his patience with our, I’ll call it untidy, G-road apartment. Seriously, the man is like a monk. Tom you are awesome and I am thankful for you!

Written language coupled with invention of the printing press Books, writing, the flow of information…and it’s kind of astounding that you can read a book by an author long passed, and it’s almost as if he’s speaking directly to you. The product of his mind and existence, his ideas, are all there for you to interpret. It’s a pretty cool connection, if you want to get deep about it.

Sports, and recreation in all it’s various forms…life can be so much FUN…when we are not stressing ourselves out with work and…life.

Airplanes (how else would I get home?) and the convenience of modern day transportation. The world is my oyster!

Hole punches (3 hole punches to be exact).

Mirrors. Sounds superficial, and maybe they’re more trouble than they’re worth, but can you imagine not ever being able to see a clear reflection of yourself? How would we know what we look like?!

My taste buds for providing me with some truly wonderful experiences…I think you’ll all agree with me after Thanksgiving dinner. Also, blueberries are delicious (I’m still making up for about 18 years of not eating one single blueberry…talk about deprivation! To be fair though, Hawaiian food kind of beats everything else).

Last but not least, Hamilton, of course! For the experiences, opportunities, growth, maybe a bit of learning... just joking I’m loads smarter than I was a few years a go :)

So folks, there is loads to be thankful for on this full of thanks day. Your turn to make a list, it’s fun! On that note, a very Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Until next time,