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Seeing People

April 3, 2011   Today, I saw lots of people I know!  ...Which sounds not-so-extraordinary, but it got me to thinking how it's really hard to feel lonely on this campus.  For example, I was just standing in the waffle line at Commons today (Commons has a waffle station on weekends and it is so good), when I saw my friend Garret from the third floor.  We chatted a bit and decided to play some video games later in the day (spoiler alert: he wrecked me in NHL). Immediately after talking with him, I bumped into my friend Katheryn from my ASB trip, who said she liked my journals! (Somebody knows how to get herself a Shout Out.)  And not two minutes after that conversation, I saw my friend Chelsea waiting to have lunch with a Kirkland alum, which I think is crazy awesome because it's not every day that you can ask somebody, "Hey, what was my college like when all the girls had to live on the Dark Side and there weren't any grades?"  But I digress.

I couldn't even get out the door without seeing some more familiar faces; my friend Joelle and I marvelled at the gorgeous weather (we had snow two days ago) and I had a quick chat with one of the professors from the Spanish table... in Spanish!  And just as I was about to leave, I heard Marge and Patty (my absolute favorite Commons personnel) saying they'd found some Chinese hot sauce.  This was my friend Justin's sauce, you guys!  So even when I'm not running into my friends, they're speaking to me via foreign condiments.  Wild.

My day pretty much continued like this, running into folks from classes, the RA staff, my ASB trip, etc.  Anyway, it all got me thinking about what a tight-knit campus we have, and how frequently I find myself saying, "oh, you know so-and-so, too?  They're so cool!"  It also got me to thinking how really valuable that is.

And I know that a lot of you recently accepted students are getting the chills right now, saying to yourselves, "You mean everybody knows everybody at Hamilton?  Oh no!"  But you really don't know everybody - the people I don't know here definitely outnumber the people I do.  But you do end up meeting enough people that you never go too long without seeing a friendly face.  And as you spend all of your time daydreaming about college and worrying about making new friends, just remember that days like mine are not altogether uncommon at Hamilton.

This entry's Shout Out goes to Kathryn TookerThanks for reading, K-Tooks!