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What do you mean it is March?!

March 4, 2013   

Sorry!! I have been extremely busy preparing for midterms, and I have been neglecting my journals.  I am still in the midst of midterms, as is the rest of Hamilton.

Last Thursday there was another Acoustic Coffee House. The Felice Brothers came and provided an atypical coffee house experience. The main stage was opened up so people could dance. Unfortunately I could only stay for the first song, because I had other responsibilities, but I was jealous that my friends had such a good time. Look up Wonder Life by the Felice Brothers for some feel-good music.

On Friday night, some friends and I decided to get off campus for a meal. We took a spontaneous trip to Syracuse, New York, for a restaurant known as Dinosaur Barbeque. IT WAS SO GOOD. Luckily, they were vegetarian friendly, and my friends thoroughly enjoyed their BBQ. There are restaurants closer to the campus right in Utica and New Hartford, but we were looking for some delicious comfort food.

On Saturday, I attended a comedy show presented by Sarah Tiana. She made jokes about romance and life in general. It reminded me to not take life so seriously sometimes. The rest of my Saturday evening was low key, and I hung out with a few friends. There was a lot going on campus, various parties with beach and batman themes, but it was just a weekend in which I thought the company of a few good friends was all I needed. We decided to bake Ghirardelli triple chocolate brownies with cappuccino ice cream and banana slices. Yeah, it was delicious.        

Alright, back to midterm studying. Wish me luck!