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Back on the Hill

January 20, 2011   Despite some minor hiccups, the semester is off to a good start.

A new semester has begun here on the Hill. I must admit that it certainly doesn't feel like spring (as it's cold, and I look like a marshmallow every time I wear my puffy jacket, which is every time I step outside). But the "spring" in "spring semester" reminds me that eventually the snow will melt and I'll eventually be able to eat lunch outside again without freezing.

I finally worked out my schedule (waitlists and all that sort of stuff) and I’m super excited about the classes I’m in this semester. I’m taking introduction to environmental policy, sociology, gender and environment, and biology. It should be a challenging semester but all of my classes seem incredibly interesting so I'm looking forward to it.

But being back on the Hill does take some adjustment after being at home for so long, and new routines take a while to form. Working out hours to work in the Glen House, new class times, figuring out when exactly I can go to the gym, etc. I’m still somewhat accustomed to the timing of last semester. Yesterday I thought that I had class from 2:30-3:15 like I did last semester. While l was searching for my HillCard, which I had temporarily misplaced and eventually found in a hidden backpack pocket, I realized that my class was at one o’clock instead of 2:30. It was 12:59. And I hadn’t eaten lunch.

Lunch had to wait. I threw on my boots, grabbed my puffy and backpack, and hustled out of my dorm to make the cross campus trek to the Science Center. Really, I couldn’t have been in a worse spot when I processed my actual class time. I had to make it all the way across campus (which in reality isn’t that big, but seems huge when you’re late). Of course I left my dorm with the intent of speed walking to class. Unfortunately, I was unable to do so because of the thin layer of ice coating the Martin’s Way. After almost falling many many times, I finally made it to class.

Another change this semester: the food in McEwen. I was thrown for a loop when I walked in and stir fry had moved one station to the right and the old station replaced by burritos and tacos. It's taken a few days to get used to and the lines are sometimes a tad too long for the time that I have to eat. But from what I've heard, the food is worth the wait.

All I can say is that I’m so happy to be back at Hamilton. It’s wonderful to see everyone. And the snow’s not too bad, although the icy walkways can be treacherous. If the first few days back are any indication of how the semester will be, it’s shaping up to be quite a good one.