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Hope You Like Cold Weather...

November 5, 2012   

As a freshman in my first few weeks, I readily jumped on any advice offered by an upperclassman.  The environment was completely new, almost dizzying, and I desperately sought any sort of intimation which would familiarize and simplify my still strange new home on the Hill.  My Adirondack Adventure leader was more than willing to help me in this regard; the first thing he ever told me was, “well, I hope you like cold weather….”

And now, after months at school, after countless sunny, breezy days, winter is coming. 

I sat at my desk for hours on end this past Sunday, working away at the pile of homework before me; it was a typical weekend afternoon.  But on this particular afternoon, dark, foreboding clouds hung heavily in the sky.  If the sun had shone through my blinds at any point, I didn’t notice.  In the past week, the days had lost their summery edge, the last leaves fell off the trees.  We were waiting for winter.

My roommate suddenly told me to look out the window.   Instead of the rugby pitch which usually greets me, I saw a wall of heavy snow flakes.  The flurry lasted for the next few hours, covering the ground in a light dusting.  Not a heavy storm to be sure, but the first.

Now, the ground is cold enough to sustain snow and ice.  It’s just a matter of time before winter comes in full force.  I’ve fished the gloves and hat from my bottom drawer; found the down coat in the back of my closet.  It’s cold enough outside to turn your fingers pale and stiff when walking to class. 

So I say my final goodbyes to the grass; to the fields.  I cannot help but wonder: what will Martin’s Way look like when it’s bordered by drifts of white?