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February 19, 2008   

I don’t know if you’ve ever been in a large room full of people in plaid.  Well, I have and the combined effect lingers somewhere between Where’s Waldo and Magic Eye. Shapes appear and disappear in a cloud of intersecting lines and colors, but human forms are impossible to make distinct.

Last Saturday, plaid button-ups, skirts, dresses, mittens, and PJs descended on KJ Auditorium in an apparent reenactment of the chaos of pre-existence. When all were seated, Yodapez, a comparably dressed improv troupe, entered behind the sea of anarchic forms to begin the show.

The games of rules and structure were at war with the plaid. We players struck a compromise of caged insanity. After an hour of relatively comprehensible improv the plaid diffused to all corners of campus and order was restored.