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Silent Disco

April 15, 2012   

Almost every party on campus is open to the entire school. Silent Disco is perhaps the most memorable of them all. The party itself is synonymous with the name but i’ll give you the Silent Disco 101:

1) Download a pre-set playlist onto your ipod.
2) Wear old shoes and pants that you won’t mind getting dirty. 
3) Head over to Minor Field preferably with a group of friends.
4) Start the playlist at 11 pm sharp. 
5) Be prepared to find hundreds of students dancing with their earphones and not to publicly-played music.

I only talk about Silent Disco now because it was last night. And let me tell you, it was a fantastic bundle of fun: the music was bumpin’, the atmosphere was exciting, and the rain was pouring.  Essentially, it was the stereotypical college party: lots of bodies and lots of movement. I’ve stressed this before but here at Hamilton we don’t let the elements stop us from having fun. 

In addendum to the party itself, there was a student cover band in one of the suites beforehand. The band played classic Blink-182, Sum-41, and Green Day songs that served as excellent precursors to the all-campus party.

Following Silent Disco, a little bird on the street recounted a party that happened in the diner. Apparently, as people kept on putting money into the jukebox everyone in the diner started dancing on tables and benches. It must have been quite the sight let me tell ya’…