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March 6, 2010   It's always tough to make that short walk across campus in frigid temperatures with wind blowing in your face--and that was the type of weather we had to brave for the majority of February (still, almost anything's better than the weather where I grew up).  But as all was looking grim, mother nature bestowed on us a glorious gift: Snow. Tons and tons of snow.

After receiving upwards of 3 feet of snow last weekend (the lake effect at its best), pretty much the entire campus was outside frolicking in their newfound Narnia.  Nancy Thompson, Dean of Students, even initiated a campus wide challenge coined "Operation Snowpeople," allowing students to embrace their inner snow sculptor.  Soon afterward, snowpeople, snowdogs, snowforts, and snowstegosaurus, popped up at every turn.  I contributed two snowpeople to the cause: a creepy looking snowman on the outdoor skating rink built with the tennis team (complete with tennis ball eyes), and a giant pirate snowman built outside our suite with my roomie.  Some more of my favorites:

Snow sea turtle and snow woolly mammoth: Built outside the science center.  Simply amazing.  And despite the recent warmth, these creatures have evaded the effects of meltdown. 

Snow science guy: Also outside the science center, complete with lab goggles and lab gloves that seemed to wave at everyone as they walked in.  My long lost orgo lab partner, perhaps?

Snow brain: Located, where else? Outside the science center.  This creation was courtesy of my fellow classmates in Neural Plasticity, so of course the brain had all the anatomically correct sulci and gyri.

Snow piggy back:  Built outside Babbitt--a real display of talent.  More than your simple snowman, the sculpture featured one person riding piggyback on another.

Snow Harry Potter: It had glasses, a scar, and what could only have been the sword of Godric Gryffindor.  Nice work.