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I Love Tacos

April 15, 2012   

I love Tacos.

I should clarify that I love vegetarian tacos. I've been a vegetarian for 11 years now, but this is my favorite dish ever. We do have a taquiera bar in Commons but the vegetarian option is refried beans. Not my ideal. I'm talkin' Morningstar Farms grillers with Old El Paso seasoning, avocados, tomatoes, cheese, and lettuce. Mmmm.

I woke up last weekend and realized I had to have them. So I texted my old cooking buddy, Evan, and informed him that we were making tacos in his quad this weekend. 

We had to cook all of our own food while we were in London, and a lot of times Evan was my guinea pig. We were reminiscing about them tonight as we were cooking our meat and non meat Tacos. You can check out one such shenanigan here, at my blog from freshman fall: http://londoncallingcaswell.blogspot.com/2010/09/you-know-thats-vat-of-burning-oil-right.html

I've made those rice balls twice since, and they're pretty darn good. But tonight was tacos. I walked downstairs to the Buffers quad promptly at six, took one look at the kitchen and couldn't help but roll my eyes. The sink was so full of plates you couldn't put anything else in it, and there were practically no clean utensils to be found. Boys.

At one point as I was doing the dishes Evan turned to me with a big smile saying: "So Dew's gonna be the Buffer mom for the rest of the year?" I gave him "the look" in response. No, boys, I will not be doing your dishes every weekend.

Then Barrett made a joke about how "the rest of the year" wasn't much time at all, which I hadn't really thought about. Rippel did the math and realized that one month from today we will be done with exams. Where did the time go!?

Anyway, back to better prospects like TACOS. Apart from one minor setback when Barrett mistakenly put my fake meat in with the rest of the actual meat (don't panic, I got it out alright and unscathed), a mistake which I have assured him I will hold against him for the rest of his life (kidding!...mostly...), the cooking went pretty well. And the end result...beautiful. I'm in a food coma in the best possible way right now.

We all agreed this needs to happen again soon. And I'm pretty sure we'll be bringing this tradition to the Buffers Millbank suite next year. if it means more Tacos, I'm there.

Hope you all have had a great weekend!