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Wisconsin (and New York) Thanksgivings

November 12, 2007   I'm really excited to get back home to Madison for the holiday to see my family and friends. I've been doing some thinking, and I've realized this Thanksgiving has the potential to be the best (and busiest) Thanksgiving ever--between backyard football, prepping the dinner, and travelling to NYC to perform with Filligar on the Saturday following the holiday, I'll have my hands full. Let me divulge to you my tentative itinerary for next week:

Tuesday 11/20: Take a cab from Hamilton to SYR Airport; take a plane from Syracuse to O'Hare in Chicago; take ANOTHER plane from O'Hare to Madison's itty bitty airport; arrive home both exhausted and happy to see my brother, sister, parents, dogs, and warm bed.

Wednesday 11/21: Complete any assignments due directly after break; go to lunch with Mom at my favorite Costa Rican restaurant in Madison; help prepare food for Thanksgiving dinner; catch up with old friends over dinner and a movie; buy more Smartwool socks.

Thursday 11/22: Help out more with the big dinner; watch our beloved first-place Packers defeat Detroit; lead my chosen half of my family and neighbors to victory in the Second Annual 'Highlands Bowl,' the touch-football game held in our backyard every Thanksgiving since last year; eat the big dinner with no belt and plenty of napkins; save enough room for pecan pie and Charades.

Friday 11/23: Pack my bags for the trip back, not forgetting more warm clothes than I have here now and some groovy duds to don on-stage; say farewell to my friends and my home; go to bed very, very early.

Saturday 11/24: Wake at the crack of dawn to catch a flight to JFK airport in New York; take a cab to meet up with the guys in my band, grab lunch, and form a set-list; load-in, sound check, text a few more people to tell them about the show; perform at 8:30 pm; stick around until 11 pm unloading, saying 'hi' to friends, meeting new people, and checking out the other bands; catch some much needed shut-eye at a friend's house.

Sunday 11/25: Leave New York City for Hamilton with a couple of friends; spend the ride hearing and telling stories from our incredible breaks; feel the excitement of getting back to campus.

Writing all of this out has been a nice little break, but I have some pressing issues to attend to (eg. my Environmental Economics lab that's due tomorrow). Looking forward to seeing some of you in Madison, some of you in New York City, and some of you in class tomorrow!


PS: If you're interested in seeing me perform in New York City on 11/24, you can purchase tickets online.