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That's a Wrap

May 15, 2006   

The semester is finally over! The end of the school year is always a rush- academically and in "fun-ness."  My semester concluded when I emailed my 30 page term paper to my professor. (Don’t worry, it was only supposed to be 20-25, but I was on a roll I guess.) While all my friends had thousands of finals and millions of papers to write, I only had a final exam and this term paper- the D.C. program is a sweet deal. In terms of fun, I came back up to Hamtech for Class and Charter Day, which is easily the best day of the calendar year. If you come to Hamilton next year you, too, will learn about the magical day that is Class and Charter. The end of the year also has May Day, which is an all day music festival with bouncy castles and picnic food, and good weather!

I’m looking forward to the summer, where I will be working at the press office of the French Embassy in DC. I’ll get a chance to use the French that I perfected (okay, maybe perfected isn’t the right word) during my semester in Paris and go to diplomatic parties. My roommate also scored tickets to a taping of the Colbert Report.  (He loves freedom as much as we do.)  I'll also spend time this summer going to concerts, tanning on the roof-top deck and sightseeing around DC.  Then it’s back to Hamilton for senior year. I’ve had three great years at Hamilton so far; next year can only get better.