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Midterm Madness

October 16, 2012   

It seems as though that I’ve hit a dry spell with my writing. There was a time when I was good at writing. When it just spilled out of me, bursting from the edges of my mind onto the page, painting pictures of characters I didn't even know existed until they were right there in front of me, running lights, spinning dialogue, having wonderful and terrible things happen to them. 

I remember that time. The time before the dry spell. 

This dry spell has impeccable timing because I have three papers due on Thursday (seriously, I think my professors got together and planned this). No one said junior year would be this difficult! This week is already exhausting and it literally just started. But I’ll get it done because my diet currently consists of Cherry Pepsi, chocolate covered espresso beans, and Chai lattes with shots of espresso. Yes, I know this all sounds SO healthy. Mom would be proud (Hi, mom). 

Back to work.