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Back in the swing of things

February 2, 2009   I'm back to school after a long break, and things are already up and running. It's cold and snowy here, but absolutely beautiful. I'm excited for everything coming up this semester. I just signed up for a telemark ski clinic with the outing club, and recently received a "countdown to commencement", which describes all the things I have to do before I graduate in May (ahh!). I also just got my senior pint glass, which is very snazzy. The pint glass makes it official - they want me out. It's sitting on my shelf now, proudly declaring "Hamilton Class of 2009".

Right now I'm continuing work on my senior thesis in psychology, and have a good mix of classes for my last semester. Besides my thesis, I'm taking a dance class in kineseology, a computer science class on computer security, and adult psychopathology in the psychology department. I'm enjoying the time hanging out with my friends and trying to make the most of the semester that already seems to be flying by. I started the semester by rearranging my bed for a new look. My suitemate Gill and I had a good time moving things out of the way, carrying mattresses into the hall, and flipping our big bedframes upside-down (so that they're lower to the floor). It was quite the endeavor, but I'm happy to have a change.

Last night we had a Superbowl party in my suite, complete with chicken wings, pizza, chips, and salsa. It was great to spend time with everybody, eat some good food, and watch the game. I'm excited for movie nights, seeing my friends, and making the most of this last semester.