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IM Ice Hockey

February 2, 2009   My last intramural ice hockey game was tonight. IM hockey has been a great opportunity for me to try out a sport I otherwise would have never gotten to play. Two years ago I bought used equipment from a secondhand store and began playing for a B-league team. I'm klutzy and uncoordinated on the ice, but it's been so much fun and I've gotten to know a bunch of new people. The last game I played a few weeks ago was against a team with a hodgepodge of abilities, equipment, and people. My team was lacking players, so we mixed everyone up and played with combined teams. Some people wore bike helmets, softball masks, and snowboarding mittens. It was a great time and there was no pressure to win. One of the guys playing had only just learned to skate, and seemed to fall whenever he got the puck. At one point, he received the puck in front of the goal and promptly fell flat on his face. Another player zoomed in and scored, prompting the guy lying on the ice to lift his head and ask brightly, "was that an assist?"

I loved joking and messing around - it was such a great way to relax at the end of a tough day. At the end of our game, two players jokingly wrestled with each other while the rest of us watched and cheered them on. The picture on the side is of the triumphant wrestler, celebrating his victory.