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Class & Charter Day

May 5, 2012   

They really haven't invented words for how amazing Class and Charter Day is but I'll do my best to explain the day so that it lives up to its awesomeness. Just imagine perfect weather, people sprawled out on the grass, sunbathing and hanging out with friends. All classes after 11:50 are cancelled. It's such a great day. alalaalalala. I wish there was a rewind button I could press so I could go back and not study for finals :/

So Friday was the last day of classes, also known as Class and Charter Day. It's an old tradition that consists of lots of festivities and awards. There's an awards ceremony, a concert, HamTrek, and a campus wide picnic on the Dunham lawn. Overall, it's just a really great day day to hang out with friends before exams and summer or graduation for the seniors. Class & Charter Day is also the day for the triathlon called HamTrek. Students, faculty and visitors all participate. The triathlon consists of 525 yds of swimming, 9 miles of on-road biking and 5K of cross-country running. A few of my friends participated in this and are totally awesome for doing it. 


So my day went pretty much like this:

7 am: Hang out with my pledge class in the dorms with lots of picturing taking.

8 am: Breakfast with my sorority in Azel Backus. Paper Plate Awards. More pictures!

9 - 10:50 am: Class :

11:00 am: More hanging out with my friends.

Noon/1:00-ish: Lunch on the Dunham lawn/ hanging out with great people.

2:00 pm: Super Mash Bros, Dr. Dog, and The DownBeat Keys Concert in the Annex! Strobe lights and more pictures and more dancing and more fun. Exhaustion increasing. (Note: The concert is usually outside but the forecast called for thunderstorms so they had to move the concert indoors, which was really too bad because it ended up being such a beautiful day!)

5:00 pm: Nap time!

8:00 pm: Time to boot and rally. Diner. Nomz.

1:00 am: Sleep finally.