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Senior Week

May 25, 2010   I absolutely ADORE bagpipes. They're loud and obnoxious but somehow manage to be incredibly awesome. At the commencement ceremony for the Class of 2010 on Sunday, a horde of bagpipe players marched into the field house followed by Hamilton professors in their majestic and collegiate robes. It was so unbelievably cool that I almost wished it were my graduation ceremony. But not really.

Although it was fun to experience graduation as an underclassman, it mostly made me realize that I need to make the most of my last two years on campus. I watched all of the seniors exchanging hugs with their friends and professors outside on the quad and silently noted that I wasn't going to let the time between now and then fly by too quickly. The week leading up to commencement was so busy with different activities and commitments that I actually had to schedule time to order Chinese food and watch Sex and the City with Lauren. But being able to go lay out on Minor Field or take walks in the glen with my friends when I had nothing to do was refreshing. I even let myself spend a couple hours becoming video-game savvy in Lauren's room (even though I lost most of the time).

When I wasn't lounging around, packing, or doing Writing Center work, I was out and about. Here's a somewhat incomplete run-down of what I did during senior week:

Saturday - ate lunch at this cute little cafe with Maeve and Amanda. It was actually inside this grocery store called Peter's Cornucopia in New Hartford that sells organic and gluten-free food.

Sunday - went to a flute recital at the Munson-Williams-Proctor Arts Institute in Utica. The flutist was an old friend of Heather Buchman's, so we went to see her give a stellar performance! The MWPAI is one of Utica's most prominent cultural attractions, and I'm ashamed that I hadn't been there before.

Monday - Maeve spent the entire day making a delicious risotto dinner for all of her friends - it was such a thoughtful gesture and we all had a great time. We also indulged in caprese salad and strawberry tiramisu for dessert.

Tuesday - attended a lecture on Cuban music. Then I went to the Comp Lit picnic, where I chatted with other Comp Lit majors and ate Comp-Litty (read: excellent) food. THEN I played mini golf with Brass Ensemble! I'm pretty comfortable saying (out of sheer love) that Brass Ensemble is the weirdest group of people I've ever known. Especially out of context!

Wednesday - went to Panera with Lauren and Lennie. Yum! Brass Ensemble rehearsal at night.

Thursday - ate lunch at the Pizza Place with Sharon (the Writing Center director), Maeve and Olivia (fellow tutors), and Amanda (student assistant at the Writing Center). Watched "Brassed Off" with Brass Ensemble at night. I made chocolate chip cookies for the occasion without any help! Good for me.

Friday and Saturday I pretty much just did random things with friends like stuff our faces with cake and freeze pops. Oh, and Lauren and I watched the special senior week fireworks show. It's strange how just a few months ago we were watching them surrounded by heaps of snow!