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NO! Don't leave yet!

May 10, 2012   

No, no, no!

There cannot be only one day left! I just refuse to believe it.

I just walked into my friends' room to find it a mess, but a mess unlike it's usual Sunday morning mess. Clothes were strewn everywhere, the futon that's been broken since November is gone, and the TV is no longer on the sole desk in the room. Q was the only occupant of the "Shark Tank 2.0" in the room, and he said he was leaving right after his exam tomorrow. STOP THE MADNESS! Don't everybody go yet!!

A few of my friends have finished exams. I'm close to being done, just one final performance tomorrow night (which I've finished the accompanying paper for) and an English exam in the morning. All I want to do is play! It's a good thing the weather has been so ick; otherwise I wouldn't have gotten any work done.

My room is in a state of chaos, too. I'm haphazardly packing now and again, but to be honest, this morning it turned into a game of "let's try on the clothes I haven't worn in forever and see if they still fit." Struggles.

My wall is still littered with pictures and posters and my desk is just such a mess I can't even talk about it.

I'm excited to live with Gina next year. Living in a double will be fun, and I'm even kind of excited to live sub-free. It'll be a nice chill relaxed space. Neither of us do work in our rooms really, so we're thinking of making it a hang-only zone. 

The "Tank" (named after a room in Dunham that they lived in freshmen year) is moving down here to Bundy next year, into one of the Bundy Quads which are some of the nicest rooms on campus. This year I became the semi-mom of the Buffer's Bundy Quad, and I have a stinking feeling something similar may happen next year. At the very least I'll be down to use and abuse their kitchen.

I haven't even thought about all of my friends who are going abroad though. With the exception of Brady because she plays soccer, ALL of my lax class is going abroad. Even most of our extended sophomore lax family is going abroad. Campus is going to feel so weird without you guys. DON'T LEAVE!!!!!

I'm excited, too, for this summer. I'm going back to New Hampshire to work at the family camp (Rockywold Deephaven Camps) I go to every summer. I worked last year in the kitchens and this year I'm working on the recreation staff. We'll run all of the activities and basically be paid to have fun (and stay active!) all summer long. It's literally my favorite place in the world, my paradise. 

Not to mention I'm excited to go home for a few weeks. Haven't been home since Christmas. :)

I'm not ready to say goodbye yet, so this isn't a goodbye post, don't worry! Just a "I can't believe it's that time of year" post.

Keep on crunchin for exams,