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Kaitlin Tries the Gym

February 3, 2009   It’s 7:00am and I’m pretty sure I haven’t seen that time on my alarm clock in a long while. The oh-so-familiar thought of abandoning my planned activity crosses my mind…but this time I won’t give in. I roll out of bed, put on some gym clothes (which I had conveniently laid out the night before…as to not give myself another excuse not to leave my room) and went outside. I don’t think I’ve ever been so thankful for that 20 degree weather, for when I started walking towards the fitness center I couldn’t help but feel more awake. I quite literally stumbled in the front door, dropped off my sweatshirt, and went straight for the treadmill.

Now it must be known here that I’m not a huge fan of gyms. The first time I ever used a fitness center was last year in China…and even then it was just a semester. I made a New Year’s resolution to be more “active” and I felt it was time to act on that decision. Three miles into my treadmill experience I realized it may be time to try another piece of equipment. The only problem with that…I had no idea how to use them. Any time I did work out, I limited myself to running on a treadmill…and all of those other machines just looked impossible. So I decided to play it cool, grab some water, and watch other people for a while.

Two minutes into my “watch and learn strategy,” my economics professor walked in and said hello. We started talking about my complete ignorance when it came to gym equipment. I could tell he was amused, but he still offered to help. Five minutes later I was cruising along on the elliptical, watching Market Watch, and discussing the stock market. Only at Hamilton could you work out next to your professor and discuss market news at 7:30 in the morning. Now I admit…it’s 8:00am right now as I write and I have no plans on visiting the gym today. Tomorrow just seems more promising…right?