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The One Where There Were Books All Around

May 13, 2013   

I normally don’t study in the library. For one, books are scary as it is. Then, 20 million of them together are just recipe for disaster. And secondly, I like to lie prop up my pillow behind my back, put my laptop in my lap and study in the comfort of my own bed. It just feels much more relaxing.

So when I have to actually get up and drag my hynie to the library, that’s when you know that the workload has officially taken off from being ‘daunting’ and has reached ‘murderous’. And then when I sit in the library for 4 straight hours without moving anything but my fingers as I frantically type, you know in all likelihood I’ve either gone clinically insane, or it's finals week at Hamilton.

So as this wretched week takes over my life, I wish anyone and everyone out there who’s in the same boat as moi, bonne chance. Even though procrastination died with my social life last Saturday, this week will pass. These blurry French words will become history, and this 15 page long paper on Bollywood will only be a memory of a dark dark time when I get to New York City for my internship next week. The world will be reborn again.

But till then, its adieu to sleep and hello to caffeine abuse. Good luck, world, and may the odds be ever in your favor.