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My First Presidential Election

October 16, 2012   

Today, I went to go check my mailbox and I noticed an official looking envelope with a stamp that said “Official Election Materials.”  I finally received my absentee ballot and I’m proud to say that I just voted in my first presidential election! It’s really exciting to know that my vote helps to decide who will run our country for the next four years.  I registered to vote in my senior year of high school, but there are always opportunities to register to vote on Hamilton’s campus.  It is so important to vote if you can because this is one of the greatest rights Americans have.

I’m fascinated by the American government, especially the judicial process.  I’ve taken a few government classes and really try to stay up on what’s going on in Washington, D.C.  Actually, while I am writing this, I am watching the presidential debate while doing some homework.  These debates are very stressful to watch!  The candidates really try to cover all of the items on their agendas, sometimes without answering the question.  However, my favorite part about the debates is reading Twitter.  People tweet like crazy during the debates!  I love to read and see what other people’s opinions are on the answers of the candidates.  It is so remarkable to see the role that social media has been playing in this election.  Both President Obama and Mitt Romney are on Twitter, Facebook, and basically every social media site!  They are really trying to reach out to all the generations and inform voters of their platforms by various means.

Alright, I have to go back to my homework, but make sure to stay informed and vote (if you can)!