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Destination: Tex-Mex

February 21, 2008   Tex-Mex is a popular destination restaurant in the area.  They have wondrous burritos.  I already know what I am going to order.  A carnita burrito.  It's fried pork, so it crunches like popcorn, but soothes like straight lard.  I usually get the half-size, but I am feeling pretty amazing tonight, I might just upgrade to the Monster size.  More than a pound of burrito.  More than a pound of happiness.  All slathered in cheese sauce.

Whenever I step inside it looks like a minor Hamilton convention.  Uniquely, Tex-Mex is even a popular destination with Hamilton College staff, meaning it can sometimes look like a boardroom, with students falling over tables trying to eavesdrop.  It's the truth, the architects of Hamilton College's day-to-day plot their on-campus magic over burritos.  I anticipate one day receiving a library notice with dried cheese sauce caked on it.