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End of the year

May 20, 2006   

So it's the end of the school year and people have been leaving campus for quite some time now. After seeing Professor Kelly in Commons one day, I decided I needed to visit CJ. So I walked through the halls of CJ and things were a little different. Over this past year, I have become very familiar with the hallways of CJ during the afternoon and it definitely felt like something was missing. Of course there were the familiar faces like Ruth, Nitsa, and Dana, but something was missing, and it was most of the students. It was weird not seeing all of the students I am accustomed to seeing gathered around in the hallways after classes, but that is done for the year.

The semester is over now, so I will not be seeing much of CJ. I must admit that I will definitely miss it, and the large crowds of students who frequently gathered in the halls on Monday afternoons. This was a very eventful year, and I am grateful to have experienced it. For the summer, I plan to go back home to the humid summers of New York City. It will likely be another very hot summer back home, but you get used to it after a while. Clinton and New York City are very different, but each location has its advantages and I am heading home. I wouldn't be surprised if I bumped into someone from Hamilton while walking down the streets of New York one day. We'll see. Anyways, have a fun summer.