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How to Deal (With Finals Week)

May 5, 2012   

1. Sleep—This definitely isn’t the first time you’ve heard how important sleep is for your functionality/health/life/etc., and it won’t be the last, either. On a good night’s sleep, you’ll be super-productive, and your product will be of significantly higher quality than it would have been if you’d put it together on little or no rest.


2. Go to the gym—When stress starts to hit hard, I take a walk over to the fitness center and spend half an hour to an hour on the elliptical. Working out not only makes me feel awesome—it successfully takes my mind off academics. Running or taking a walk in the Glen would likely have the same effect, but everyone has his/her de-stressor of choice. Find your elliptical workout and do it. Tonight when I was at the gym, I experienced a serious fringe benefit: watching the sunset from the giant glass windows the look out onto the athletic fields.


3. Procrastinate a little—You find the best websites and Internet memes when you’re supposed to be doing real work. Take advantage of finals week as an opportunity to peruse the Web. One of my best friends showed me this gem today: http://www.youtube.com/user/HowToBasic


4. End the semester strong—Give your exams all you’ve got. They’re your last chance to make an impression, to show your professors what you’ve learned this semester. Study hard—but not too hard—and bring your best self to each test.