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Fun Times at Fall Fest

October 21, 2012   

The eleventh annual Fall Fest, organized by the Social Traditions Committee, was today on the Village Green in Clinton and it was such a good time. This amazing tradition started in 2002 by the class of 2005 in order to improve and create Hamilton and Clinton relations with an afternoon of fun!

Every year, campus organizations and societies come together to coordinate a wide array of games and activities for children, including face painting, cookie decorating, and lots of consumption of cider mill donuts. YUM. (There was also a moon bounce! It was only for the children though so I was sad I wasn’t able to go on it). There was also a performance of all the a cappella groups (Hamiltones, the Buffers, Special K, Tumbling After and Duelly Noted) and the Latin dance performance group, Tropical Sol.

My sorority has a Fish Toss table during the festival each year and this year I was able to work at the table. Basically, the kids have to throw a ball (with a fish drawn on it) into a cup full of candy. If they get the ball into the cup, they get candy! It’s a very simple game. It was so much fun. All the of the kids were really into the game and came back continuously so they could play the game again and win more candy. It was so adorable. 

Sometimes being on campus all the time can be very confining, so it’s really great to go downtown and spend the day to participate in a bunch of great activities. The town of Clinton is absolutely beautiful with its gazebo and the shades of red and orange leaves scattered on the grass. I never get a chance to go downtown and just wander to experience Clinton. I was glad I had to the opportunity to do so.