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So Much for the "Mondays"

April 30, 2012   

I mentioned in my earlier post that this morning I had a case of the Mondays. Well, whatever remnants of that were still hanging around are gone. I just met one of my all time heroes!

I was walking out of the library this morning and casually glanced at the wall of posters near the exit. I did a double and triple take. Tamora Pierce? TONIGHT? In the Barn????

So many of you (sadly) have no clue who I'm talking about. But  those of us who were inspired vy Ms. Pierce to read and write more know exactly how awesome she is. 

I'm sitting in the balcony of the Barn at 6:55 pm, eating sweet potato fries from Commons (another reason why its a good day--SO FREAKIN GOOD!), and all of a sudden my friend Ty walks over and sits next to me.Here is possibly the last person I would expect to be here, but he turns to me and says "I love this woman. She defined my childhood."

WHODDATHUNK? Because it's so ditto for me. Her books are funny, honest, and entertaining, and opened up new worlds of possibility to young, impressionable 12 year old me. Her "Song of the Lioness" series is still one of my all time favorites. She creates incredibly strong female protagonists who are so inspiring, and has an expansive imagination.

So I am pumped. I'm pounding those sweet potato fries as she's being introduced, trying to look down into the barn below and figure out who she is: I realize I have no clue what she looks like.

She gets up from her chair slowly, almost cautiously, and walks tentatively over to the podium. She begins to speak and seems very timid and nervous. My heart sinks a little bit as I set myself up for  a very long hour. She breaks into a coughing fit and when she turns back to the audience, is silent for a minute. I'm worried she's gonna pass out.

Then she says, slowly, and deliberately, "I like doing that bit because I now get to look out at all of your faces, and you're horrified. You're terrified that this is going to be the worst speaker you've ever heard and that you're going to have to listen to her drone on for an hour."


Ms Pierce then went on to explain that that's not how she rolled, and the way this was going to work was she would talk for five minutes and then the rest of the hour was for questions. She made it very clear that nothing was off limits. The first question was whether or not she had any cats. Which she does, she proceeded to name them all for a grand total of thirteen. In true writer-fashion, they all had fantastic names, some of my favorites were 'Fog" and "Squeaky" and "Agent 13," and the one her husband referred to as "Tiny Ball of Hate".

Really, though, in all seriousness, she was amazing. Questions varied from her kitties to how to solve writers block, and what to do when you run out of ideas, and whether she controls her characters or her characters control her, and whether or not we would be seeing an Alanna movie someday soon.

In that 1 hour, I learned more about writing than I have in the past year. And that's saying something- I've taken some pretty good classes. 

After the talk I totally geeked out. There was a long line for her to sign books, so Ty and I snuck out to try and find a poster for her to sign. We searched everywhere and not a one. (We later found that there had only been 12 printed. WHY ARE THERE ONLY 12 POSTERS FOR TAMORA PIERCE?????) We got back in time to be the last ones in line, and when it was finally my turn I kind of word vomited something like "You are one of my heroes, you inspired me so much when I was younger, that was an amazing speech will you please sign my writing journal?"

Then I proceeded to text all of my bookworm friends from middle school (who introduced me to the Lioness series) and brag, brag, bragged.

I'm such a dweeb.

All in all, not too shabby for a Monday. ;)