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The One With That Person...

November 15, 2012   

So, you know how they say that statistically speaking, we all know that one person who’s incredibly loud and obnoxious, and if we don’t know anyone, then we probably are that person to our friends? Well, the college revision to that would be knowing that one person who has nothing due during mid-terms week. It’s that one fella that sorely stands out in the crowd, with no under-eye circles telling stories of all-nighters, and no bed-heads indicating enough time to actually fix himself in the morning. Well, normally, I’m the person who’s looking at that guy from a distance, hating him with the vengeance of a gazillion French words waiting to be memorized. But this time, for the first time in my three semesters here at Hamilton, mid-terms week has nothing due. I. AM. THAT. PERSON.

Since my controle on Monday, which is a small French quiz, I’ve been completely devoid of anything due while my roommates overdose on their nth cups of coffee staying up in the night, and all my friends spend the day scribbling and typing their fingers bloody. It’s certainly awesome to not have any work to do. Until its not. Now that all the laundry’s been done, that huge pile of magazines mounting up by my bed read, and all of Modern Family marathon caught up with, as of 7:30 this fine, albeit slightly cold, Thursday night,  I am officially bored and stuck with nothing to do.

So as I type this journal entry with my two roomies studying by my sides, pretending to be somewhat busy, I wait, like everyone else, for this forsaken week to be over! Guess work or not, mid-term week just has a natural knack for sucking for all sorts of reasons.