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Things I'm looking forward to when we get back

March 26, 2009   Spring is my favorite time at Hamilton. I feel like everything begins to literally and metaphorically thaw. Once it's about 45°, you'll see students in shorts and flipflops soaking up the sun and playing Frisbee out on the grass. I love playing rugby in the warm rain, and the smell of mud after a big game. I can't wait to take my bike out and go for a 20-mile ride and explore the area. Maybe I'll try riding down to Colgate? I want to do my homework out in the grass and sunbathe on a Saturday afternoon. You should see all the students out on the field once it gets nice - it's like something out of a movie. Everyone lies on towels with their books, people play catch, and professors walk their dogs. Some professors will hold a class or two outside if it's nice, which is always a great time. We also have a yearly music festival every Spring, and we just found out that Rjd2 and Super Mash Brothers will be DJing it. I'm looking forward to living it up until I graduate in May!