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Home for the holidays

December 26, 2010   I'm back home in California! For a whole month! I'm kind of excited.

Winter break has finally arrived, and I’ve now been home for about a week. It's been over six months since the last time I've been home. It was absolutely fantastic to see my dog. And family and friends and so on and so forth. So I’ve gone from Clinton’s snow to California rain.

You know, northern California winters are more frequently cloudy than sunny. I’ve been here a week and I still haven’t seen the sun actually shine. But I’ve realized that I actually miss the snow. It’s quite surprising, especially since when I was younger, I tried to avoid trips to Tahoe at all costs. Being cold all the time was not something I found very appealing.

And then I came to Hamilton and for most of the school year I didn't really have a choice. So I invested in a new jacket and a hat and all was well. Until I lost my hat. So I wrapped scarves around my head and thankfully, my jacket has a hood. Problem solved. Plus, with snow, you can go sledding, something that I had not done in a very very long time.

Yup, before a couple weeks ago, I hadn't been sledding in probably at least ten years. I have since come to realize that such a sad story should not be allowed to repeat itself. But even though that my Christmas will be green, or gray rather, instead of white, I’m glad that the six-month stretch of staying East of the Rockies has come to an end. It’s good to be home. Especially for the holidays.

The trip back was almost smooth sailing. My friend Vrinda Khanna ’13 and I ended up being on the same flight, which was super exciting. However, we almost missed our connecting flight in JFK. Our flight in Syracuse arrived an hour late, and they ended up holding the plane in JFK for people. But no one knew how long the airline would hold the flight, and whether we would make it in time. We landed in JFK after our connecting flight was supposed to have left. Vrinda and I ran through the airport after exiting the plane – it was like a scene out of the movies. We arrived at the gate out of breath, but just in time. We took our seats and a deep breath and settled in for the long flight ahead.

We arrived an hour late, but we made it all in one piece. So the first week of break has been relaxing and nothing short of wonderful. I'm loving every minute of the holiday season - spending time with family and friends, and taking a bit of a breather after finals. It's lovely. And tomorrow my family and I are going to the beach. Wishing you a wonderful holiday season!