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January 24, 2011   

Earlier this week, a good friend of mine, Alex Orlov ’13 mentioned that the Hamilton Skating Club was organizing a late night event at the Sage Ice rink. Alex was worried that people would not show up. Being the first weekend back, Alex expected friends to spend their weekends socializing and catching up.

Friday night finally came, accompanied by Mother Nature’s motherly snow. And as the sun set, the temperature decreased exponentially. Come 7pm, we were living in a winter wonderland.

After hanging out with some friends for a while, we all decided to go to the HamSkate event. I remember someone saying, as we walked from one building to another: “Guys, I’m freezing. Lets go to the ice rink!” And so we did.

Much to our (and Alex’s) surprise, the rink was full. Everyone decided to spend the freezing evening in the relatively warm Sage Ice Rink. It was a blast! There were people everywhere, clumsily skating in an anti-clockwise manner. There was food, skates and smiles galore! The event was a huge success. So much so, that many people recommended that we have more late night events like HamSkate (wink wink Alex).

Anyway, if you’re ever at Hamilton on a weekend evening and there happens to be a late night skating event, be sure to go! That’s where it’s at!