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Hearts and Kittens

March 5, 2011   So yesterday, I finally went to Spring Farm Cares, which is an animal shelter in Clinton.  A few Hamilton students volunteer every weekend to - get this - play with the animals.  I know, right?  Many of the animals are orphaned, so it's important that they be socialized so they can go to good homes and whatnot.  Basically, they put you in a room full of cats, and then the cats swarm you, and you get to pet them all.

If you're not a cat person, I imagine this sounds pretty terrifying.  But if you like animals/want to grow up to be a crazy cat lady, this is the job for you.  I actually felt a little guilty; every time the staff walked by, I felt like I should be doing something productive.  But they just let me chill with cats!  Very surreal and quite awesome, if you ask me.

Moving on to the hearts.  Today, the American Heart Association put on a huge Run/Walk in Utica.  There were literally thousands of participants, running distances from 3 to 18 miles!  I just went for the three mile run, jogging it with softball extraordinaire Amy Appel.  We had a great time, and there were all sorts of people cheering us on, playing music, and giving out snacks!  Say what you will about Utica, but those folks know how to put on a good road race.

It was lots of fun to see so many Hamilton community members running.  Professor Ernest Williams took several of us to the race in a jitney, and we saw people from various sports teams when we were there.  Also, anybody running for "Team Hamilton" got a Hamilton hat, courtesy of President Stewart.  Thanks, Joanie!

Between raising money against heart disease and socializing cats, I'd say it's been a fairly eventful weekend.  And Saturday's not even over yet!

This entry's Shout Out goes to Amy Appel, even though she totally outsprinted me to the finish line.  We need a rematch.