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The Psychic Madman visits Hamilton

January 21, 2007   

On Saturday night, Jim Karol, “The Psychic Madman,” came to Hamilton to perform. CAB hosted the event, and around 75 students came to the show. I went because I usually find psychics to be entertaining, even if I question their paranormal abilities.


What I liked about Karol’s performance was that it wasn’t strictly mind-reading. He performed a variety of card-tricks, physical stunts and impressive feats of memory. Karol offered $100 to any audience member who could stump him on a country capital. He also has another standing offer for those who attend his show. If you ask him, he will assign you with a country based on your name. If at any point in the future you see him again and he can’t come up with your country, he will pay you $100 dollars. I’m China. Now all I have to do is remember my country.


Karol has also committed to memory all 96 two-letter words in the English language, the results of every Super Bowl, several thousand digits of Pi, and if you tell him your zip code, he can tell you what state you live in. He can also tell you on what day of the week you were born if you give him the date and year.


Card players and gamblers could also take some interest in Karol’s abilities. As you could probably guess, he is a good poker player, and he can keep track of up to six decks of cards at the blackjack table. He has been banned from every casino in Atlantic City, a source of great pride for him. When pressed, Karol admits that this is something of an exaggeration, but still true. He was once playing roulette after one of his own shows and had a string of good luck. The security took notice, questioned him, and Karol told them who he was. The security team then informed neighboring casinos of Karol’s abilities, and he has since been banned from playing any card games at Atlantic City casinos.