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Sunday Stanzas

October 11, 2009   HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my marvelous roommate Joanna!!  Twenty one years old, and you know what that means...giant, glorious tea party, WOO!

We are living in the G-road apartments this year, along with a dearly beloved former journal writer, Mr. Thomas Coppola.  Tom left decorating our enormous living room to the discretion of Joanna and me, and we decided on a massive poster of the periodic table on one wall, and a historical timeline of major world events on another, perhaps an entourage of important equations somewhere.  A little nerdy, admittedly, but also undeniably fantastic!  We have yet to accomplish this mission; the walls are currently decorated with spiraling streamers from our tea party. 

Tara's Projects:
1.  Modern Algebra: HW due Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday.
2.  Physical Chemistry, (Quantum Mechanics, cool!): Weekly problem set and lab report.  How to convey the wonderful, extra mathy, mind blowing nature of these assignments to you?  Far beyond me.
3.  Race, Gender and Culture paper due, along with biweekly Journal entries on readings.
4.  Alternative Spring Break (ASB) Leader Applications going out this week!  I am avidly excted to choose a great new set of students to lead trips this year!

An aside on ASB is, I think, appropriate here.  One of the totally super awesome things about Hamilton is the two full weeks of Spring Break vacation we are given.  ASB sends groups of students in big, burly 12 passenger vans down to Mississippi, Tennesse, North and South Carolina, DC, etc, to build houses, construct trails in Appalachian forests, work with Children in impovershed areas, and other sorts of really cool stuff like that.  Don't miss this excellent opportunity folks!

It is a busy part of the Hamilton cycle, and so I will now depart lest my life go up in flames and the scary homework monster eat me!  Eek!  Not before I describe my recent confrontation with the highly revered Opus cookie, however:

It was 9:30 on a Sunday night, I was planning to leave our happy little Opus cafe with only an iced latte to fuel the long night of studying I have ahead of me.  But then, I hear a voice calling to me from the cookie tray. "Tara, please eat me, I ask only this one, noble favor of you."  Well, the Opus cookie may or may not have magical powers, to deny its requests will almost certainly have undesirable consequences.  Better to just play it safe.  Mmm, we have a good relationship, the Opus cookie and I.  I'm beginning to think it was actually my tastebuds' demands I have fulfilled. 

Currently needed: Headphones so I can rock out while I study!!!

"Tara's Excellent Hamilton Adventure," to be continued next time, scout's honor!