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Thanks Career Center

December 1, 2009   Working at the Career Center is no easy gig -- each of Hamilton's 1800 students arrive at the doors of the Career Center with a different interest and career goal. It's not easy to guide a person, let alone a LIBERAL ARTS STUDENT (we're notorious for being interested in everything), into a career. 

That said, a special thank you to David Bell at the Career Center for providing me with ample guidance toward something I truly care about. 

I met with Mr. Bell for an hour prior to leaving for Thanksgiving break, and I was having trouble narrowing down exactly what it is that I wanted to do. 

Mr. Bell listened to my interests and listed a set of highly specific occupations that I would be interested in. And...well...he was dead on. He then went on to list a specific set of companies that are at the top of the pack within each of those particular occupations. 

After that, he helped put me in touch with a slew of Hamilton alums at these places (I mean, he's not independently the cause of Hamilton's pretty awesome alumni network, but I do appreciate his assistance in navigating it). 

So, after talking with Mr. Bell, I've got job prospects, suggestions regarding how to modify my resume, and a slew of contacts and methods to utilize to learn more about my field of interest. 

So -- again -- thanks to David Bell and the Career Center in general for helping make the prospect of my next year of my life far less daunting, much more attractive, and a hell of a lot more liveable.


See ya,

- Josh