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That's how to pick a new professor!

December 1, 2009   

The day before break, I and several students majoring in World Politics met with a prospective professor to be hired for next year. I appreciate the department taking a sincere interest in student feedback. It was a great experience.   

I should mention that Hamilton has selected a professor to cover East Asia.
Readers familiar with my blog will be familiar with my love for the Hamilton Chinese Dept. -- the rigorous, extremely effective, and award-winning Chinese Dept.
What I haven't mentioned previously is exactly how comprehensive Hamilton is when it comes to East Asian studies. 

Prior to this year, Hamilton "China" professor was Cheng Li, the current director of research at the John L. Thornton Center at the Brookings Institution. Brookings is the beast of all think-tanks globally, with the most referenced material by news organizations worldwide (ask me for the citation, if you're curious) and some of the most qualified experts anywhere on international affairs. 

So, yea, Cheng Li was the man. 

Now, we're getting a new China professor, and the candidate that I was privileged enough to meet with was super qualified. I won't say too much, but she was very enthusiastic and had acquired her graduate education at one of the topi universities in the world in political science. Not to mention, she had experience doing field work in China's rural areas, covering economic development and resistance movements. She also clearly loves students. I don't know -- to me, that sounds awesome. 

So -- thanks to the Government Dept. on two levels: 
1) Thanks for considering my input
2) Thanks for keeping East Asian studies in tip-top shape. 

For anyone looking to acquire the tools needed to understand China -- Hamilton is still one of the best in the United States...Period. 

- Josh