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Reflections on a Great Semester/Year

May 18, 2013   

I’m almost done with my finals, and this being my sixth finals week at Hamilton, I have to reflect and realize all I have to be thankful for here.  Finals week is always so stressful for me- I just took a 4 hour, 447-point, 31-page exam for my physiology class (don’t worry, that’s not typical!) and even though it was hard and trying, I learned so much.  I can’t get over the fact that even though this was the hardest semester for me, I really feel that it was completely worth it and I am so grateful for all of the interesting, useful information I learned. 

Being a junior, it’s the first year that you’re really set into your major and have a better sense of the direction you’re going in life and what you want to get out of college to help you.  Sometimes, I feel that people view school as just trying to get by, but I really tried to get all that I could out of my semester (and my year for that matter).  I can’t even begin to tell you how much more confident I feel about my academics and my future- I’m learning real skills in my biology classes to help me in a science/medical career.  My physiology and genetics classes taught me a lot about standard science techniques and about how humans function.  I’ll never think the same way again when I eat, breath, or have a cold.  At the same time, my other classes that aren’t science-related are giving me a well-balanced education and helping me foster my creativity, which is a skill that's useful no matter what.

Socially, I’ve really grown my friendships into meaningful, long-lasting relationships.  It’s definitely work hard, play hard mentality here.  I have so much fun with my friends- we go out for dinner, watch movies, bake, and spend hours talking and enjoying each other’s company.  I can’t wait for next year with them.

Speaking of next year, I cannot believe I’m going to be a senior.  These past three years have flown by- and I don’t want it to end.  I know I still have one more year that I plan to make the best yet, but I’m not ready to leave yet.  I love the Hamilton community and the spirit on campus.  Everyone is so friendly, encouraging, and willing to give you a helping hand.  Even though I don’t want to think about leaving, I know that Hamilton will prepare me and I’ll be ready when the time comes.  But, no more thinking about that!  I am ready for an excellent summer and final year at Hamilton! 

So, as I sign off of my journal, I want to thank you all for reading this past year.  I hope you’ve enjoyed a little peak in my life.  I know I haven’t always been the best at updating you, and I hope that you don’t think that all I do is study and eat (as I feel most of my journal entries were about)!  But, it’s been a pleasure and I hope I can see you on the Hill!


PS- This journal entry is dedicated to my Mom, Dad, and brother Harrison.  I can’t wait to see you guys and have another summer home with you.  Thanks for supporting me throughout this year and being my #1 cheerleaders all the time- I couldn’t do this without you!