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A Few American Quirks

December 1, 2009   Even though I am becoming more and more accustomed to life here in Madrid, I have noticed that I have started to develop a few American quirks that I didn’t have before. I guess when you start assimilating to another culture, your old culture interjects itself into your new life in odd and curious ways. One of these quirks happens to be my indescribable and unrelenting craving for peanut butter! I know this is so strange, but it is like I crave a jar of Skippy so badly I would give my left pinky finger for some! Normally I am not a peanut butter feign, but so many months have passed since I have even seen a jar, that it has become an obsession of mine to find it!

Also my computer is now more important to me that I could have ever thought. It is like my only connection to the English-speaking world. I can watch movies, surf the web (in English) spend hours on Facebook, and e-mail my family and friends. It is so strange to think that this little white MacBook is my only English outlet. It’s gotten to the point that I identify my computer as my only tie to the United States and English! I know this sounds crazy, but it’s true!

I've now started finding the strangest Web sites to read and check out. For one, textsfromlastnight.com has become a new obsession of mine! Sometimes it just feels so good to give your brain a rest and relax into your natural native language. Even though I love speaking Spanish all the time and the no-English rule that the program has is amazing, sometimes my brain hurts from constantly speaking, thinking, reading and interacting in Spanish.

For me now, watching English/ American movies and TV shows online is like eating the frosting on top of the cake, it is just so good! I never used to be addicted to watching movies online, but since it is the only way to see some of my favorite shows, or get a glimpse of something “American” I do it! Hopefully I won’t develop too many more quirks over the course of the year, but you never know what I may end up craving or missing!

Highlight of the Day: Another long weekend this weekend! No class until Wednesday! Thank you Día de la Constitución (Dec. 7) y Día de la Inmaculada Concepción (Dec. 8)