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Package Package Package!!!

December 1, 2009   So the other day, after coming back from another foot stomping, hand clapping Flamenco practice I got a package! I know, my first package in Spain!!! I was so excited! I mean whenever I get packages it is exciting, but this was extra exciting because I had been missing home a lot and my family and friends, and this package got here just in time. My church in California sent me a box full of goodies! I was so happy, and felt so loved as I attacked the industrial strength packing tape they used to seal the box up with my scissors. As soon as I opened it up, memories of home and church flew to mind and a huge smile burst across my face! Not only did they send me food, and lots of it, they sent me a roll of quarters, a planner/ address book and pen. Also included was a wonderful note inside wishing me a Happy Thanksgiving and well being, and sending prayers lots of prayers and love. I now have more cookies, Ramen noodles, and other delicious food stuffs that I know what to do with, but thats totally fine for me! Even though I love being here, it feels so good to get packages filled with love from home.

Highlight of the Day: Never having to worry about going hungry for an entire year!