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Happy Turkey Week!

November 15, 2012   

Another busy week has come to an end, but instead being followed by another typical weekend of relaxing and having fun, we Hamilton students have the entirety of next week off to celebrate Thanksgiving. And, boy, am I excited. 

But, at the same time, there’s something odd about breaks like this. When you’re at school, time moves far too quickly – but off campus? A week feels like a month. A month feels like six. Summer feels like an eternity. It wasn’t an uncommon sight today to see fellow students saying their goodbyes, doling out hugs and “I’ll miss you!”s. Unusual behavior for such a short break, right? Like I said – it’s odd.

Odd, yet definitely welcome. It’s a testament to how tightly knit the Hamilton community is that a week of vacation feels like too long to be away from friends, no matter how much as we all look forward to seeing our families. College is the first time most of us have lived with our peers for an extended amount of time, and at a small school like Hamilton, your friends quickly become a family.

While it’s worth a week of sleeping in and homemade food to be apart from my friends, I know I’ll still miss them, and that, oddly enough, is just one more thing for me to be grateful for.