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Feb Fest

February 24, 2008   Feb Fest is an annual week of fun activities meant to celebrate winter at Hamilton. In past years, I have participated minimally in Feb Fest. But this year, the organizers did a really great job, and I went to a lot of the activities. Here are a few of the highlights:

Sunday Evening: Pizza Wars. Basically, the organizers brought in seven types of mystery pizza for everyone to taste. When you've selected your favorite pizza, you drop a vote by its table. At the end of the week, they announce which pizza won the most votes, so you know where to order from in the future.

Monday Afternoon: Wine Tasting. Professor Yao, who is a very friendly English professor, led a wine tasting of six wines from California. Each table had a platter of different cheeses, crackers and grapes, which highlighted the different tastes in each wine. We smelled, swirled, and tasted the wine, trying to articulate subtle smells and tastes (like grass or pear) in each wine.

Monday Evening: Skating Party. One of my roommates and I went to watch the figure skating exhibition, in which Hamilton students and high school students from Clinton performed. Afterwards, they served cookies and hot chocolate before opening up the rink for a free skate. This was the first time I skated all winter, and it was really fun skating to music with a lot of other kids — though I can't say I didn't fall once or twice — I am from Louisiana after all.

Wednesday Afternoon: Saranac Beer Tasting. A representative from Saranac, produced by the local Matt Brewing Company, led a beer tasting of six different Saranac beers. The beers included a caramel beer, a chocolate ale and an India Pale Ale. Unfortunately I don't remember the rest, but that's probably because they had so many hops in them — I'm not fond of hops. My favorite was the Pomegranate Wheat Ale, which was really light and tasty.

On Thursday, I left for Boston to attend the Harvard National Model United Nations conference for the weekend. Unfortunately I missed the other Feb Fest activities from the weekend including a comedian on Saturday and a senior Karaoke night at the pub.

If you watch "The Office," the actor who plays Toby (Paul Lieberstein) is a Hamilton alum, and he was going to come speak on Wednesday for Feb Fest. Unfortunately his flight was snowed out (go figure — this is February in Upstate NY after all), but he's agreed to come back and speak another time. So that's pretty cool. Something to look forward to in the months to come.

Overall, my last Feb Fest was by far the best since I've been here.