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Senior Week

May 26, 2010   Senior week is notoriously full of fun, silliness and occasionally tears. It is the final week of the year for seniors prior to graduation, and is filled with all types of events that draw that the entire class together. There are no classes and no obligations that week for 99.9% of the senior class. Consequently, it's all about appreciating the Hamilton experience that will soon be ending and enjoying your friends.

Our (as in all of the seniors) senior week consisted first of a formal dance and then a slew of crazy fun events. The dance itself, I hear, was wonderful (yours truly was stuck finishing a thesis at that time -- but that's my fault and no one else's). For those looking for a mental image of the event, think prom. It was JUST like that, but with less adult supervision and more conversations about what you will do when you enter the real world in a week.

Other events included (but are not limited to) Mojitos and Tex-Mex, which was held at Minor Field, a dance party that included a mechanical bull, a class-wide lobster and steak dinner, and a temporary situation in which the entire grass quad in front of Kirkland residence hall (my dorm :) ) was taken over by inflatable fun stuff. By inflatable fun stuff, I mean large sumo wrestler outfits, an inflatable obstacle course, and an inflatable room to bounce on and play volleyball on. In short, it's a fantastic time.

The tears creep up on you when you realize that the end of your Hamilton time is near, which means your friends will no longer be conveniently nearby, you will no longer be enrolled in a set of fascinating classes, and -- I suppose most importantly -- you will no longer be living and experiencing the environment that had transformed you for the better over the past four years.

Overall, senior week is probably one of the most unforgettable weeks of the Hamilton experience.