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High Tide

March 17, 2012   

Every year there is a huge ultimate frisbee tournament in Brunswick, Georgia called High Tide. There are multiple weeks teams can go to this tournament to account for schools’ different spring breaks. This past week over 70 ultimate teams made the trek to Brunswick. We flew down to Jacksonville, Florida on Saturday morning, then rented cars and drove to Brunswick.

High Tide is a four-day tournament consisting of a hat tournament and a normal tournament. For the hat tournament, players from each team are randomly split up and assigned a new team with kids from all different schools. The hat tournament is as competitive as your team wants to make it, but above all it’s a fun time and a great way to meet a bunch of new kids before the actual tournament begins. And after the hat tournament, you know a lot of kids from different teams that you can party on the beach with later that night. 

The hat tournament was on Monday, and Tuesday through Thursday was the real tournament, and then we flew home yesterday. Most teams stay on St. Simon’s Island, which is only about 20 minutes from the fields. Last year we stayed right on the beach in a small cottage we rented. We stayed in a new place this year, but it was still only a ten-minute walk from the beach. At High Tide you are either playing ultimate or chilling on the beach. There’s nothing better than that after a long week of midterms.

Want to know the best part? Hamilton has a two-week spring break, so while all the other teams are lamenting leaving High Tide and heading back to school, we get to look forward to another whole week of break.